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55 SAI Brushes for 50 points and POST LINK by DerKlox-Cloxboy 55 SAI Brushes for 50 points and POST LINK by DerKlox-Cloxboy
55 SAI Brushes for 50 points and post my link

Send me 50 points via the purchase button in the upper-right corner. Thanks.

Post the following link in your DA journal or on your Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr page, it will help promote my shop:…

*You do not need to credit me for creating these brushes (if you want to, go for it). You just need to send me 50 points (via the purchase link) and post this link on one of your network sites:…

As for loading brushes, this is how you do it:

Put the brushes in your 'blotmap' folder (which is in your main SAI folder [directory]). Then click the green "start-sai" button, which is also in your main SAI folder. By clicking the 'start-sai' button, it should automatically update your brushes for you. If you're not able to get the 'start-sai' button to work, you're on your own, I cannot help you with this. All sales are final, no refunds.

For best results when using texture brushes, use the following settings:

- 'Brush shape affection' should be set at 60 or higher (I usually keep it at 100).
- Under 'Advanced Settings', turn 'Edge Hardness' to 10 or lower (I usually keep it at zero).
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